Room Rental

A room inside the Rectory. There are three tables with chairs surrounding them.

The St. Andrews Heritage Centre board room is available to rent.  This room is located on the second floor of the historic building.  The 236 square foot room can be used for meetings of up to 15 people.


  • The St. Andrews Heritage Centre is located along the beautiful historic River Road.  The building is a “Hudson Bay” style of architecture and was not the average nineteenth century Red River dwelling. It was built to reflect the lifestyle and social position of the “gentlemen” and their families.  Today it is a Canadian National Historic Site that depicts the history of the people that lived in St. Andrews.
  • Complimentary wireless internet.


  • $20.00 per hour
  • $50.00 for half day (under 4 hours)
  • $100.00 for full day (up to 8 hours)
  • $20.00 for coffee & tea service

*These rates are applicable during open business hours only with staff on site. The room or site cannot be rented without a staff person present for insurance liability reasons. Rental rates will be adjusted as required, if renter wishes to rent the site or room during closed hours. Not all rental requests can be accommodated.