Conversations In Time – Podcast

Black and white image. A young man and women are sitting in the doorway smiling. Near the top of the image has a the title "Conversations in Time."

“Conversations in Time” is a podcast that explores the history of the St. Andrews area by chatting with the people who have lived here the longest.

Join us as we sit down with a new guest every week to discuss local history, childhood memories, and much much more!

The podcast is available on the following sites: Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, and Pocket Casts.

Irene Foster

This episode, we speak with Irene Foster who is well-versed in St. Andrews’ history, having written a large portion of the history book Beyond the Gates. Passionate about history, Irene shares with us how far St. Andrews has come and how she personally wrote a letter to the Queen requesting preservation of a local historic building.

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