School Tours

A heritage staff member giving a tour to a young girl. She is pointing to a display case filled with tartans.

Discover community life in the mid 19th century through our new collection of school programs at the St. Andrews Rectory and Heritage Centre!

Our team of interpreters will lead your group through immersive explorations of the historic Rectory building and grounds. Enjoy games and hands-on activities like “Bannock and Butter” and “Born to Bead” to introduce your students to local lifeways during the Red River Settlement era. No matter what age, we guarantee your students an unforgettable experience at the St. Andrews Rectory and Heritage Centre!

Package Details
Length: 2 hours, plus picnic time
Price: $5/ Student
Availability: June 2024, Tuesday – Friday.
Each package includes a tour, group activity, and full use of the outdoor picnic area.
One adult supervisor needed per 10 students.
Welcome to the Rectory: Explore the secrets of this old stone building and learn how the Red River elite lived in the 1800s!
Red River Farming: Try your hand at churning butter and using a walking  plough in this exploration of early farming practices!
Maid in Canada: Meet a 1800s maid and see if you have what it takes to make it through a day in her life! Washing, weaving, cooking, the maid does it all!
Art Everywhere: Learn more about our community history by exploring our art traditions- everything from stained glass to Metis beading!

Group Activities
Fur Trading: Experience the excitement and danger of the fur trade with this scavenger hunt and obstacle course!
Bannock and Butter: Bake some bannock over a fire and enjoy with butter you’ve whipped yourself!
Weaving: Try out our new collection collection looms and create your own keepsake!
Artifact Bingo: Put your knowledge to the test with this fun history game

To book a class field trip, please fill out the form below. The St. Andrews Heritage Centre can accept a group of approximately 30 students in one tour slot for School Tours. Groups will be broken into smaller groups. Tours are only available in the month of June. Only one school can be booked per day, so please reserve early to hold your date.