Welcome to the Red River Ancestry Genealogy Centre

The Red River Ancestry Genealogy Centre is located on the second floor within the St. Andrews Rectory at 374 St. Andrews Road, St. Andrews, Manitoba. The Centre is a resource for the collection and preservation of genealogical history, records and materials. Although the main focus of the Centre is the settlement of the Red River area and Manitoba, there are resources for other areas available. Our vision is to preserve and provide resources and educational opportunities related to genealogical research.

About Our Centre

The Centre was opened in 2021 and is supported by the St. Andrews Heritage Committee. It is operated by volunteers and students. The R.M. of St. Andrews provides funding for the centre through the St. Andrews Heritage Committee. The Centre is named in honor of Gary Still who was a well-known, self-taught Genealogist who created the “Red River Ancestry” website. His website is dedicated to many of the descendants of the early explorers, fur traders and settlers who first populated the great Northwest Territory or Rupert’s Land, and more specifically the region of the Red River of the North.

Interested in learning about the history of the families in the Red River area? Schedule an appointment with a volunteer to check out this resource centre!

Wednesdays – 10am – 3pm

Please call ahead to confirm a volunteer is available to assist you.

Email: rrgenealogyctr@outlook.com

Call: 204 339 6396

What We Have To Offer:

  • Resource Library (see category list)  Our library is not a lending library but you are welcome to attend the centre and use the resources available there.
  • Computers and Internet Access with numerous pre-loaded icons for genealogy research
  • Online Membership access to the Manitoba Genealogical Society
  • Online Membership access to the East European Genealogical Society
  • Research Assistance is available (we can help you determine what resources would assist you in your search)

Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming workshops and presentations!

Featured Books

The Genealogy Centre is always seeking to update its library through donations and purchases of relevant publications. Check in to the Centre regularly to see what books we’ll feature next.

Monthly Displays

Every month, the Genealogy Centre sets out unique displays based on celebratory days and various topics. Scroll through the slideshow below to see a few of our recent displays.

Interested in being involved in our Genealogy Centre?

We are in the process of creating an interest group called “Branches”.  If you have an interest in Genealogy and want to be involved with our group, contact us.  Meetings will be scheduled based on interest and individual schedules.


We are always looking for ways to increase our library holdings. If you have any genealogy resource material/books or a printed copy of your family history that you would like to donate we would happily accept them.