Lower Fort Garry

Lower Fort Garry’s sturdy stone fort marks a turning point in Canada’s history with the making of Treaty No. 1, the first of the numbered treaties.

River Road Provincial Heritage Park

This 11 km stretch of Red River offers interpretive information about the cultural features along the parkway. From there, delve into the past which chronicles a nineteenth-century way of life.

Lockport Provincial Heritage Park

The park, located on the lower east bank of the Red River at Lockport, contains one of Manitoba’s most important archaeological sites.

Marine Museum of Manitoba

The Marine Museum of Manitoba tells the story of the development and the operation of marine life on Lake Winnipeg and the Red River circa 1850 to present day.


Connect with nature in the country’s most unique and treasured places.  The red chairs offer a place to relax and to discover the best that Parks Canada has to offer.

St. Andrews Cemetery Search

This website allows you to search for people buried at St. Andrews Church.  There is also a cemetery map that will show you the location of the grave.