Parlour Performances is a series presented by the St. Andrews Heritage Centre to promote local musicians and history. All performances are recorded and uploaded to the St. Andrews Heritage Centre’s YouTube page in order to expand the Museum’s virtual offerings, and allow viewers a way to enjoy music for FREE from home! A complete list of all past performers and future musicians can be found below.

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Parlour Performances Season 2 Musicians

Season 1 Musicians

  • Becky Barkman
  • Morgan & Keith Ginther
  • Martells & Amy Brown
  • Joel Jolly & Anna Madden
  • Cohen Sieg
  • Bridge & Hammer
  • Brandi Vezina
  • Emily Gayleard
  • Aesops Fox
  • Geoff Erickson
  • Burton Duo

Are you interested in being a part of this program? Fill out the registration form below for a chance to perform in our Parlour exhibit! Registration forms and past performance videos are located below. Provincial Covid guidelines are followed to ensure the safety of the artists and Museum staff. Questions can be directed over phone at 204-339-6396 or via email at