Overall Excellence

The St. Andrews Heritage Centre’s annual Community Art Show is on exhibit until March 19th. This last feature blog post focuses on the third winning category: Overall Excellence. The other categories are Best Use of Colour and Best Nature Representation.

Brian Davis, the only photographer to exhibit this year submitted three photographs. All of his works have symmetry and a feeling of vacancy and calm. “Vandalism in Green” is a staff favourite! Milli Flaig-Hooper’s works are all made from homemade paper, which are highly detailed and intricate. Her collage, “Acapulco Vacation,” is colourful and beautifully composed. Rebekah Roger’s Fredborg captures motherhood perfectly with “The Bond that Ties Us,” a gouache and graphite piece.

Browse the gallery below to see which pieces might be in the running for the grand prize in the category “Overall Excellence!” Community voting ends on March 1st. The winners will be announced shortly thereafter!

Scroll to the end of the page to read each featured artist’s statements.

Be sure to visit the Community Art Show in person to view all of these fantastic works and vote on your favourite Best Use of Colour before voting ends!

Click here to visit the Community Art Show page for more information, online voting form, and images from past Community Art Shows

Click here to view the 2020 Community Art Show virtually

Brian Davis

Brian Davis is a long time photographer from the Sandy Hook area of the Interlake, where he travels the back roads looking for inspiration. He has been lucky enough to have received several ribbons for his work shown at various Interlake Juried Art Shows. In his work, he is always looking for the detail in the larger picture and the stories contained in them. The Past President, and current member of  The Gimli Art Club and Gallery

Email: bdathook@gmail.com

Marsha Griffiths

My name is Marsha Griffiths. I reside in Stony Mountain with my husband. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. All my life I have loved art, been drawn to all forms of artistic expression. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that I finally picked up a paint brush and began my journey to express myself artistically. My first intent was to just heal my soul… but I soon found out that my heart had something to say. Now my hope is that my art will grab your attention and inspire greatness.  Encouraging people to be honest, authentic and the best version of themselves. Be bold, be strong… Life’s too short to just sit on the sideline! As I continue to paint and express what captures my heart, my hope is that it will capture yours as well and resonate with my fellow art lovers. May my art always be authentic and make a difference!

Email: griffiths902@gmail.com

Milli Flaig-Hooper

I hurry for slurry! I also move quickly for fibre and puzzles. The three pieces in this show reflect a few of my areas of interest: making handmade paper, loom knitting, puzzling and pulling them all together to create art. A paper maker since 2007, Milli discovered this part of her love for art when she began experimenting with a children’s paper making kit, located in the back of her closet, and long forgotten.  Since those earlier years, she has produced thousands of recycled paper sheets and then used them to produce award-winning art, and many other products – cards, magnets, pins, earrings, bookmarks, and ornaments. Her involvement with the WAVE Artists’ Studio Tour began in 2009 as a participating gallery member. Since then she has hosted many hundreds of visitors in her own studio in Matlock where she demonstrates her methods. It is with unspoken words that Milli designs exquisite paper creations which speak volumes. The gentle sensibility she coaxes out of recycled paper presents the viewer with the opportunity to sink into her tactile world like a soft pillow might receive a weary head.  Ask anyone who has worked with her and they will tell you that the experience has changed them irrevocably. Milli expresses her creativity through a collaborative process. Her needs, noted as special, do not limit or alter her creative energy that transforms more than just paper. My art is my language. See what I say.

Email: paperfifrildi@gmail.com
Instagram: paperfrifrildi
Website: paperfifrildi.com

Rachel Cholet

Rachel is a self-taught artist born in France. She has three grown sons and graduated in Business and Accounting. Her passion for oils began in her early twenties with oils by number. It is in 2014, as her son’s health is declining that Rachel finds solace in the peaceful act of painting out of her home. Painting becomes a full-time hobby and Rachel joins the South East Artists group in Steinbach. She now participates in many shows, exhibits and sales every year. She’s registered as an Artist in Schools through the MAC. She has since been recognized with several awards and was a juried art show judge in 2018. She teaches a diversity of mediums and techniques but mainly uses oils for her own masterpieces and commissions. Rachel enjoys realism and paints a wide range of subjects: landscapes, florals, wildlife, portraits. still life etc. In 2017, Rachel painted a mural at Bethesda Place in Steinbach, and in April 2018, Rachel painted a 28 foot mural at the Villa Youville in Ste Anne, Manitoba. Rachel does commissions, murals, painting parties and classes. When she isn’t in a show or an exhibit, she’s painting.

Phone: 204-371-2797 
Email: rachelmlcholet@gmail.com

Katrina Eeles

I have been drawing my entire life – long before I can even remember. My grandfather and father are both artists, providing me with a lineage of art in the family. This brought a childhood full of opportunity, appreciation, and exposure to the arts. In highschool I took a variety of art classes from ceramics to drawing and painting, growing my education and sparking my interest in different media. In university I majored in Art History and minored in Visual Arts, specifically in painting and printmaking. Drawing has always been my preferred medium, including graphite, coloured pencil, and pastel, and continues to be what I gravitate to most. I have done a variety of commissions over the past few years, but animal and people portraits have been my most favourite subjects to work on so far.

Email: bakerfinearts@gmail.com
Instagram: bakerfinearts

Rebekah Rogers Fredborg

Rebekah Rogers Fredborg is an Australian artist, who is now residing in Selkirk. She predominantly works in oil paints, gouache and graphite.  Rebekah grew up in Melbourne, Australia where she was passionate about art from a young age. Studying art throughout high school and seeking out further education under the tuition of Gwendoline Krummins. Gwen was able to further her passion by introducing oil painting into her repertoire and teaching the medium in a traditional application and impressionistic style. Portraits have always been a large part of Rebekah’s practice with an importance on likeness and depth always being a focus of hers. After high school, Rebekah went onto further education through the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where her passions also brought her to study in Paris at the Paris College of art. Shortly after the completion of her Fine Art degree at RMIT, Rebekah immigrated to Canada. Art is still a huge part of her daily life. Rebekah paints and draws as often as possible, working on both commissioned artworks alongside working on her current series about time and age.

Email: bek.fredborg@gmail.com
Instagram: @rebekah.studio.story
Facebook: @rebekahrogersartist