Heritage Highlights presented by the Heritage Centre Staff

Interested in local history? Curious about the Rectory? Heritage Highlights has both!

What are Heritage Highlights?

Heritage Highlights are short 2-5 minutes videos about artifacts, historical sites in the St. Andrews area, history of the rectory, and more! These videos are written, filmed, and edited by the St. Andrews Heritage staff. Every year St. Andrews Heritage Centre staff release a new season of videos that are available to be viewed on all social media accounts. You can view all episodes in a playlist on our You Tube Channel at this link here: click to watch, or select on a specific episode below.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 2 Episodes

Season 3 Episodes

In the right hand corner of the video, click on the playlist button where you can view and watch all the episodes from Season 1 through to Season 3!

Interested in all things history? Check out The Rectory Blog where the St. Andrews Heritage Centre’s Historical Interpreters have been busy at work researching and writing weekly posts! Click this link to learn more about history, culture, and the St. Andrews and Red River areas!