Fresh Fine Art

There’s fresh fine art on the Rectory’s old walls! Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk, MB, kindly donated a beautiful, limited edition signed watercolor to the Heritage Centre last month! This print of Huntley Brown’s “Old St. Andrews on the Red” is part of a special 25th anniversary collection of the famed Canadian artist’s works. Brown’s 48 paintings within the set capture and celebrate the beauty of Canada’s diverse landscapes from coast to coast. This print is signed by the artist and numbered 499 out of 500.

Born in Lethbridge, AB, in 1932, Huntley Brown is perhaps best known for his illustrations in Canadian magazines and print media, and his notable career as an educator. As an illustrator, Brown published in Maclean’s, Canadian Art Directors Annual, Canadian Illustrated Library, and Star Weekly. His work in these publications centered contemporary stories and topics, such as the FLQ mailbox bombings and the moon landing.

In addition to illustrating for print publications, Brown also taught illustration at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design). Here he mentored some of Canada’s finest contemporary illustrators, such as Dan Milligan and Rene Milot. In 1978 his peers elected Brown into the Royal Canadian Academy, making him the second illustrator in Canada to be so honored. Brown later received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997 from CAPIC- Canadian Artists and Photographers in Communications.

In more recent years, Huntley expanded his work towards figurative work, portraits, and painted landscapes. “Old St. Andrews On the Red” is part of Brown’s series of fine art watercolours that render the spirit of important sites across Canada.

Thank you to Gwen Fox Gallery for donating this beautiful work!

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