Coffee Fundraiser

A line of four different flavours of coffee are placed on the ground. The background features the garden.

Help support the St. Andrews Heritage Centre by purchasing one of Black Pearl’s ground coffees, available at our Gift Shop.

Generously sponsored by Harry’s Foods, St. Andrews MB

Black Pearl Coffee

Black Pearl Coffee roasts Premium Coffees, Certified Fair Trade Coffees and Certified Organic Coffees from around the World. Black Pearl was established in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 2000. For more information about their coffee click here.

Coffee Descriptions

Settlers Trail

Freshly Roasted premium Colombian decaf

Before Canada was established, settlers came across the ocean, trekking over the great wilderness to settle their homes and families in the New World. Often in groups, settlers followed trails established by those who had come before them, forming communities along the way. The Red River Settlement was formed along the banks of the Red River, as a home for the officers and families of the Hudson’s Bay Company during their fur trading years. This freshly roasted decaf serves as a remembrance to those who came before us to build this beautiful community, many of which still have descendants living here today.

Red River Mud

Rich, Dark Roast, Full Body

Beside the scenic River Road lies the great Red River, the banks of which has held the St. Andrews Community for hundreds of years. This delicious dark roast pays homage to the thick, brown mud of the Red River, and the life that it has given to the community. The Red River was a major trade route for the Hudson’s Bay Company, long used by fur traders as a means to travel through the country with ease. Thanks to the ox trails that accompanied it, the settlements along the river were able to flourish, and many of these communities are still in place today.

St. Andrews Homebrew

Medium-Dark, Micro-Roasted

Just outside of the Provincial Capital City of Winnipeg, St. Andrews is incredibly rich in history. From the Orkney Settlers and Hudson’s Bay Officers, to the first female bus driver, St. Andrews is a place that hundreds of people are proud to call their home. This Medium-Dark blend is the perfect gift for anyone visiting St. Andrews who want to take with them a little bit of what makes this community feel like home.

Captain Kennedy Kicker

Medium Body, mild nutty flavour. Fair trade/ roasted from organic coffee.

Captain William Kennedy was an explorer of the Western regions in the mid 1800’s. He is most famous for commanding the 1851 expedition to find Sir John Franklin’s lost ship and crew. Though he never did find Franklin, he did contribute a great deal to the knowledge and understanding of the Canadian Arctic. Kennedy was also known for being an active voice for the campaign to build a railway between Winnipeg and Churchill, and also served as a mediator and negotiator during the Riel Revolution.

In the 1860s, Captain Kennedy and his wife, Eleanor, took up residence in the Red River Settlement, where today the St. Andrews community is located. Their home was built using stone from the local quarry at St. Andrews Rapids, and timber from what is now Bird’s Hill Park. Captain Kennedy Kicker pays tribute to a man who helped bring life to the early community, with a name that is still recognized by everyone in the area. Today, Kennedy House still remains standing. It is only one of seven historical houses left standing along River Road, located just down the street from the Rectory.