School Tours

Activity descriptions and curriculum connections are available to view here: School Tours Package 2019

We invite students to learn about the growth of the community of St. Andrews from its early Indigenous inhabitants to present day.  Upon arrival students will be given a tour of the Centre where various objects will be examined and explained.  Students will take part in a then and now game and be asked, what articles have changed during the years and which have remained the same. Once students have been through the display area they will participate in hands-on activities.

The Heritage Centre School Tours are for Grades 1-6.  Field trips can be two hours or four hours long and includes a tour of the Rectory, bannock and butter making, and an ‘Our Community’ workshop.  This workshop explores what it means to be part of the community. Participants have the opportunity to explore the history of their community as they get up close with artifacts that tell the story of St. Andrews.  These interactive tours will capture the utmost attention of your students through experiential learning.

To book a class field trip, please fill out the form below. The St. Andrews Heritage Centre can accept a group of approximately 30 students in one tour slot for School Tours. Groups will be broken into smaller groups. Tours are only available in the month of June. Only one school can be booked per day, so please reserve early to hold your date.


  • Cost for a two-hour tour $3.00 per student.  Teachers/Educational Assistants/Parent Volunteers are free.
  • Cost for a four-hour tour is $5.00 per student. Teachers/Educational Assistants/Parent Volunteers are free.

Pay by e-transfer. If you require an alternate payment method, please let us know.