Genealogy Workshop

Genealogy Workshop October 13- $10/Person

Interested in researching your family’s genealogy?  Join St. Andrews Heritage Centre in partnership with the Manitoba Genealogical Society in learning the basics of genealogical research.

Session Two Finding Your Information:
Once you have a basic understanding of the process of researching your family history, you will want to know where to find more information. Some of that information is “hidden” on the internet. Google is one of the best tools available to find it, but getting millions of “hits” during a search is not helpful. This session will show you how to “dig out” the information that applies to your own specific family. Google can also help you find libraries and archives that contain information not on the internet. The key to using google successfully for genealogy, is really understanding how it works.

NOTE: This is the second workshop in the three part series from the Manitoba Genealogy Society. Everyone is welcome even if you did not attend the first workshop.

If you’d like to register please fill out the form below. Payments for the $10.00 participation fee will taken at the door.